Finto takes
the noise out of your finances

Managing your spending and savings can be tough. Finto automatically separates the amount you need for bills and recommends how much is safe to save, leaving you the rest to spend.

How it works


Put some of your salary into a Finto Current Account


We calculate and suggest how much of your salary you'll need to cover bills and savings and then move what's left over to the spending card

Set & Forget

We'll keep you up to date on your spending, saving and bills, leaving you to get on with living life

The spending card

Fee-free spending

No charges for card transactions in the UK or abroad. And a fee-free cash withdrawal limit of up to £250 a day

Apple & Android Pay

Add your card to your phone to pay with your fingerprint. Accepted online and in many retailers

Full spending control

Top up by bank transfer, Apple or Android pay. Move what you don't spend into a savings account

Instant notifications

Get instantly notified each time you spend

Register your interest in Finto

We're at the very early concept stage but we're looking for people to test initial ideas and prototypes and help shape our product development.

If you want to help shape the future of personal banking, then register your interest by clicking below.